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At Custom Pools, we strive to change the way you think about pool contractors by providing the pool you ordered at the agreed price and on the schedule promised.  Business is primarily the result of referrals so our relationship with customers doesn't stop with the completion of the pool.  As you examine the content of this site, you will observe that the primary focus is providing information for our customers rather than emphasizing only sales.

To effectively navigate the site, use the links near the top of the section on the left.  Note that selection of the "Up" link will return user to this page when clicked from another section. Each time you enter a new segment of the site, look for additional links in the same general location but located farther down in the shaded area.  Two site maps are provided.  One is in alphabetical order by subject and the other is sorted in the order of appearance in the site.  Finally, a search page is provided where you may enter text and receive links to the area where entered text appears.

Information supplied on this site should provide a reasonable introduction to Custom Pools but don't hesitate to call 281-844-1285 for additional information or clarification.  We can be contacted using Email through the "Feedback" link on the left side of the page