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Water Flow:

Water moves from the pool, into the circulating pump, part of the circulating pump discharge goes to the booster pump and the remainder enters the filtration system. See the schematic at the bottom of this page. When the water leaves the filter, some enters the in-line chlorinator where it is exposed to chlorination tablets.  The amount of water going through the chlorinator is a function of the position of the 0 to 10 dial located at the chlorinator base.  If you have a heater installed, the water flows through the heater coils and re-enters the pool. 

Water moves from the pool to the circulation pump from two sources.  The skimmers, located on opposing sides and ends of the pool and from the pool bottom suction.  Skimmers are provided for the purpose of removing floating debris from the water and use of the bottom suction ensures complete circulation of the pool contents avoiding stagnation.  Under normal circumstances, both suctions should be open. 

When the water leaves the filter, it can be directed back to the pool or to the pool drain system.  During filter backwashing, the water and filtration system solids are directed to the drain.  If it is necessary to empty the pool, the skimmer suctions should be closed to avoid cavitation of the pump which can cause seal damage.  Cavation means that the pump receives air along with water and loses suction causing it to generate excessive heat.

WARNING:  Under no circumstance should the pool be emptied without direction of a qualified professional like Sam.  Because of the high water table in our area, the pool can actually "float" and become pushed part way out of the ground with devastating results.  In an emergency situation, the pool level could be lowered to approximately the half full position with reasonable safety.