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Valve Position Indicator:

Determining the open position for switching valves used on the equipment skid can be confusing.  With three way valves, it is not possible to utilize the valve handle orientation as indication of position.  There are three white triangles on the top surface of the valve and, while they appear identical in the photo below, one of the triangles is "raised" above the surface of the valve body.  Examine the second photo on this page. The raised triangle points to the CLOSED position for the valve.  In the photo, the closed position is not pointed at a pipe so flow from the skimmer suction and from the pool main drain are both going to the suction of the main circulation pump.  If the valve handle were rotated 90 degrees in the counter clockwise direction, the raised triangle would be pointed at "main drain suction" so that line would be blocked and flow would only be moving from the skimmer suctions to the main circulation pump.  It seems obvious, but please note that you must loosen the black nut on top of the valve handle before changing valve position.



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