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Testing Options:

The recommended method of owner testing is with the standard reagent test kit shown below.  It contains chemicals required for testing, instructions and recommended control ranges for each variable.  The kit cost less than $20 and should be replaced at the beginning of each pool season because reagents have a limited shelf life and old chemicals can produce faulty results.   Aqua Check test strips, or equivalent, are recommended as a check reference.

The quality of test results is no better than the quality of the water sample tested.  Water should be collected from at least 12" below the pool surface with the pool circulating for optimal quality.  A surface sample can indicated "low" chlorine concentration when it may well be in the recommended range.

An alternative to the "wet test" approach involves the use of AquaCheck testing using strips for various parameters.  One simply dips the test strip into the water sample and uses a colorimetric scale to determine concentration levels.  The AquaCheck approach provides a reasonable "check" on the wet test approach but should not be considered as a replacement for the more accurate testing approach.


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