Custom Pools              


by Sullivan


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Water Flow



Water is moved from the pool to the circulation pump from two sources.  In the deep end of the pool, two suction covers can be observed providing flow from the bottom of the pool to the circulation pump.  The purpose of these main suction points is to circulate water from the bottom of the pool discharging near the surface providing good overall circulation and eliminating a water temperature gradient.  The second source of water flow is from two skimmers located at opposite ends and on opposite sides of the pool.  The purpose of flow through the skimmers is debris removal from the pool.

The skimmer covers should be removed weekly and accumulated debris should be removed.  Allowing excessive accumulation of trash in the baskets can lead to circulation pump suction loss and pump damage.

Warning - Never leave the skimmer covers removed after removing trash.  Stepping into an uncovered skimmer well could result in injury.




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