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Many factors should be considered when selecting your pool and it's associated equipment. The pool that is "right" for you and  your family depends on the environment that currently exists in the area to be used for the pool and your personal preferences. To get an idea about some of the options, visit the photos section.

One consideration in our area is heating the pool.  Using this approach, several extra months of pool use can be enjoyed and it is not cost prohibitive if a pool cover and common sense are used during the heating period.  Based on two years of experience with heating the pool, using a cover when not in use, cost was about $250 for the period from February 15th until heating water became unnecessary.  See the Pool Heating Costs link in the green area to the left.

A common "extra" involves installation of a hot tub in conjunction with the pool.  By taking advantage of common equipment, the cost will be less than the individual costs of the pool and hot tub. 

Installation of extra decking around the pool allows space for pool furniture and enhances the functionality of the pool area.  If you prefer a "look" different than concrete covered with pea gravel, Spray Decks is an option.  The material is available in colors and selection of some shades can make the surface a bit cooler.  Concrete becomes very hot during peak summer months making waking around a pool equipped with a concrete deck difficult.  Kool Deck can be installed on top of the concrete decking to significantly lower the temperature.  Since the synthetic material is available in an assortment of colors and textures, Kool Deck can make your pool area more reflective of your personal preferences as well as more enjoyable.

If your pool doesn't have a deep end for diving, the water can become very warm during our hottest summer months. Installation of spray heads should be considered as a means of lowering the bulk pool temperature.  The effect isn't dramatic but additional installation cost is minimal and well worth the investment.

Several options involving things, like waterfalls (see pool 2 B and 4 B in Photos) and using  diving structure rather than installing a diving board may be desirable.  There is almost no limit when it comes to adding ascetically pleasing features.  Photos of pool 8 demonstrate this point. Pool Basic diving board options are illustrated in the pages accessed by using the link Diving Boards. Sam can provide additional information on special options like those mentioned.

Carefully selecting the location for the pool can result in less maintenance demand.  For example, a pool installed near or under trees will require more attention in the area of debris removal than if it is installed in an open space.