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Your pool system utilizes one or two pumps depending on the selected configuration.  The primary or circulating pump looks something like the Hayward equipment shown below: Visit for more information.

At the left side of the photo on the top you can see a glass cover which is removable.  Simply turn off the pump power then turn the ring counterclockwise to unscrew the cover.  The cover should be removed weekly to remove trash from the pump suction strainer (the basket like area below the clear cover).

Your system may also contain a second smaller "booster" pump.  Its sole purpose is to increase the discharge pressure from the circulating pump to provide high pressure water to power your automatic pool cleaning device like  Polaris.  No maintenance is required on the booster pump.

The pool user should become familiar with the "normal" operating sound of the main circulation pump.  When suction is adequate, the area below the clear cover will not contain a significant amount of air bubbles and the pump noise will be more like a "hum" than a "rattle".   If the pump "looses suction", the noise level will increase substantially and the suction chamber will be void of water or will contain copious amount of bubbles.  Extended operation with inadequate suction (pump cavitation) can result in seal damage or failure.  Corrective action includes shutting down the pump, connecting a garden hose to the pump prime adapter shown in Skid Equipment Overview, opening the water supply to the hose, opening the valve on the prime adapter and allowing the suction chamber to fill.  With the flow through the hose still active, start the pump and observe for normal operation.  Once typical sounds and appearance have been confirmed, close the prime connection valve, turn off the water supply to the hose and disconnect from the prime connection.





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